Milling parts

It is all about quality and precision

For the last 50 years we have been supplying regional and international industries with precision turning and precision milling parts. A close cooperation between our esteemed customers and our experienced staff has set the scene for a relationship defined by reliability and quality.

Our modern CNC-Milling machines with 3-, 4- and 5-Achses-with an integrated CAD/CAM System allows us an efficient and simultaneous production.

Among quality and precision, flexibility and a short delivery time, our customers value the most. Our modern engineering, planning and control system supports our delivery and production monitoring.

Continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes and constant further education for our employees are a given.

We produce Milling parts from all sort of different steels including special steels.

Lot size: 1-1.000
Blanket order agreements possible

Milling range:
800 mm (X) x 500 mm (Y) x 300 mm (Z)

At your service: