TS Verbindungsteile

Every application comes with specific requirements in regards to material and quality. Our experts can help you find the perfect solution.

With almost 50 years of experience in the production of fasteners, bolts, screws and nuts, as well as parts according to drawings out of more than 300 different grades we can assist you with all your specifications and requirements.

Our production facilities with modern milling, turning and hot forging machines speak for themselves.


  • 1970
    Ernst Thome establishes his business in Bitburg
  • 1977
    Foundation of Thome+Schwind GmbH & Ko. KG
  • 1983
    Change of name to Thome+Schwind Verbindungsteile GmbH
  • 1991
    Foundation of TS Sonderschrauben GmbH in Ebeleben/Thüringen/Germany as a production plant for nuts and washers
  • 1998
    Foundation of TS Fasteners Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia
  • 2001
    Acquistion of a new production site in Menteroda, Thüringen, Germany and move of the Ebeleben production site to Menteroda
  • 2007
    Further production site in Bitburg with a production area of more than 2,000m²
  • 2010
    Extension of hot forging plant with additional 1,000m²
  • 2012
    All plants are equipped with new and modern CNC Universal-, Production- and Automatic Lathes from DMG Mori Seiki. Much more efficient automatic horizontal hot forging machines are added too.
  • 2013
    To counter high energy costs and also to continue a commitment to environmentally friendly processes and technology, TS invests in solar power technology. On all factories, solar plants capable of generating up to 520 kwp in total were installed.
  • 2014
    Thome+Schwind Verbindungsteile GmbH and TS Sonderschrauben GmbH become one company now and change name. The new name reflects this: TS Verbindungsteile GmbH.
  • 2016
    Extension of hot forging plant with a 200to and 450to press
  • 2017
    Extension of hot forging plant with an automated nuts press

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