Fasteners for all extremes.

"TS Fasteners" serves many industries throughout the world with its range of custom-made fasteners and special bolts. In a world of "more for less" and "on time" delivery, we set the standard in product integrity and quality.

When you're faced with extremes in temperatures, strength and environmental challenges we can offer a solution. And, when high performance is required, we provide the answer.

We look forward to your request!

At your service:
I'm a
special bolt

"You wouldn‘t know, but I‘m made from a Nickel Alloy and I am
resistent to acid and temperatures of up to 1200 °C.

TS could have made me out of more than
300 other special materials.

But that‘s another story…"

Complex solutions
from steel to titanium

We have made a name for ourselves as a materials
specialist and are able to offer and work with
more than 300 special grades.

Complex solutions from
steel to titanium

We produce fasteners, special bolts,
screws, bolts, nuts and washers
as well as parts according to drawings,
samples and to DIN-, EN-, ISO-, ANSI-, BS-
and AS- standards.

Uncompromising Quality

Our accrediations and
certifications with all relevant
agencies mean our customers
can rely on a consistently high
quality standard